An opportunity to transform 
‘industry – academia’ partnership 

MIT Pune is now MIT-World Peace University!

MIT-World Peace University (MIT-WPU) is known to be among the top education institutions in India since the establishment of the MIT Group of Institutes in 1983. The ‘MIT World Peace University’ is recognized by the UGC under the Govt. of Maharashtra Act XXXV 2017, since 2017. 

Today MIT-WPU is at the epicenter for imparting a holistic value-based education for the promotion of a universal culture of peace and welfare among the youth.

Witnessing rapid growth & expansion the MIT Group now encompasses 10+ campuses across India covering more than 1000 acres, all equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities. At any given point of time, more than 50,000 students are pursuing various courses across 65+ Institutes of MIT World Peace University.

The IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Popularly known as The IMC, is a legendary organization which has relentlessly pursued the agenda of identifying opportunities, addressing critical issues and driving Indian businesses with the single-minded focus of sustainable growth.


IMC’s members and its network have been instrumental in influencing policy frameworks and changes towards this goal and continually strengthening sectors that are critical to India’s new phase of flourish.


IMC seeks out thought leaders and industry spearheads to identify today’s needs and catalyse the achievements of tomorrow’s vision.


Set up in 1907, in the wake of the ‘Swadeshi Movement’ to represent Indian businesses. IMC is a premier Chamber of trade, commerce and Industry in India, headquartered in Mumbai and strong presence in Delhi.

Industry – Academia Partnership

A perspective beyond limitations






Creating   Opportunities




Reboot – Reform - Resurge

“Turning brain drain into brain gain requires creation of appropriate opportunities at certain critical stages in the progression of a scientific career.”