Industry Academia Conclave - 2019 

To connect Senior Leaders from Industry and Academia. The forum hopes to engender a lively and enlightening discussion on topics that are of universal interest and are impacting the future of our society in deeply significant ways. The event is an effort to initiate a dialogue to understand how Industry foresees the upcoming shape of key trends and is a forum where Leading Experts and Senior Leaders from Industry will directly share their insights. There have been huge leaps taken by various corporates and academia to bring about positive change and innovation. It is clearly time to create a nurturing environment where the industry and the academia can work hand-in-hand. Understanding the importance of changing business needs, INDCON 2019 focuses to initiate the dialogue with corporate through Panel Discussio


Industry 4.0

Mr. Shailesh Haribhakti, Chairman - Blue Star (Session Chair)

Artificial Intelligence

Mr. Sunil Mahale, Vice President Asia Pacific & Japan, ThoughtSpot (Session Chair)


Smart City Mission

Mr. Nitin Shah, CMD, Allied Digital (Session Chair)

QA and DevOps

 I'm Barclays (BUK) Tech India; Mr. Utpal Chakraborty, Head of Artificial Intelligence at YES Bank, Dr. Karsten Wendland, Author & Researcher on Artificial Consciousness and Ethics in AI & Senior Researcher at Karlsruher Institut fur Technologie, Germany; Mr. Kaustubh Laturkar, Senior Director, Cognizant; Mr. Munjay Singh, SVP, Infosys; Mr. Santosh Kulkarni, Managing Partner and VP- Global Capability Centres Business Unit, India South Asia at IBM; Mr. Dheeraj Patil, Principal, Green Space Alliance (Architect & Urban Planners) and Prof (Gp Capt) D P Apte, Pro Vice Chancellor, MIT World Peace University.