Topics & Themes

  1. Role  of  educational institutions in research and development initiatives in India.

  2. Industry – Academia Knowledge collaboration, role of  corporates in India

  3. Research eco-system in India, role of industries and  academic institutions.

  4. Opportunities and Challenges for  sustainable R&D  initiatives in India.

  5. Best practices in Research and Development: India and other top 10 countries in R&D.

  6. Identifying the potential of R&D in India and  understanding the challenges faced by the academic  institutions to strengthen R&D within the university.

  7. Challenges in implementing high quality R&D  programs in India.

  8. Research and Development: Challenges in Indian higher education.

  9. Will the NEP 2020 be helpful in promoting Research and  Development culture in India?

  10. Scope for new technologies in Research and Development in  India: Role of Industry and Academia.

  11. Challenges and Opportunities in setting up technology /  Incubation centers in private universities: Role of Industries and Government.

  12. Scope for innovations in Research and Development in India:  Role of Higher Education and Industries.